I was searching through YouTube, and found 5 great videos that you should watch if you grew up, or hung around in the Brass City.

Video - Themochproductions - YouTube

The first video that I found that really struck me is a video from 1985 -1986, and it's centered around the Colonial Plaza and Crazy 8. I love seeing all of the old arcade games. It features a sweet nunchaku demonstration, and there are some great shots of a group of friends hanging out and watching life go by. Absolutely takes you back to the glory days of cruising the Plaza.

Video - Al Pist - YouTube

The second video that really got me features the Naugatuck Valley Mall. This video was shot in 1999, after the mall had been shut down. They take a tour around the outside of the mall first, then they go inside and take a look around. Finally, the destruction of the mall is documented. The red brick of the Sears building really sent me back.

Video - Marcott Studios - YouTube

The third video is in high-definition, and captures the dedication of the new cross at Holy Land. Spectacular views of the city, and it really shows great images of Holy Land's disintegrating old attractions.

Video - Travelingseaspet - YouTube

The fourth video is an aerial view of the Waterbury Republican clock tower from a drone. Awesome views. I've never been to the top of the tower, but this video makes me feel like I've been there.

Video - CToriginals - YouTube

The last video is a tour of one of my favorite places in the world, Frankie's on Watertown Avenue. They interview the Caiazzo's, and take a tour around the inside of this Waterbury institution. You can almost taste the fried cheese cubes and whole belly clam rolls.Good stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this little video trip into our fine city. The Crazy 8 and Naugatuck Valley Mall videos really take you back, don't they?

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