According to News 12 "DMV Express" is here. The first off site DMV kiosk is in place at the Boston Post Road Nutmeg Credit Union in Milford, CT. The only services mentioned in the article available at the kiosk are license renewal or license duplicates.

Forgive me for crapping on an attempt to improve a flawed system that affects us all, but here we go. We can't even work the self-checkout line at the grocery store and now we are being asked to get our license renewed correctly?

There is, of course, the photo issue. If your license is old enough, your photo must be updated. It does not say if the kiosk allows you to do the photo portion, but we certainly have the technology. Let's say it does allow you to update your photo, and you get stuck in line behind the lady who takes the photo over and over again — this is not a good time.

Is license renewal all you got? There are a million different reasons we get stuck having to go to the DMV. What about returning plates? What do I do there? Leave it with the bank teller and the credit union?

I appreciate the attempt here by the State of Connecticut, but let's get real, this system needs a complete "do-over." If the DMV were a baseball team, they be in full-on, "rebuild mode." If the DMV were a house, it would be a "tear-down."

Any place that has a line to tell you what forms you need and what other line you have to get into is a bad place. It's an emotional roller coaster. You are down, you are up and then you are back down again.

You get in the first line, they turn you away telling you that you don't have what you need. Your hopes of getting out of there in under two hours are dashed. Then you get the forms, and they let you cut the line. Now you feel great, but everyone hates you. Then, with your prime line position and correct forms, they give you a number and tell you to take a seat. It's a mess — plain and simple.

You want to get the DMV right? Turn it over to McDonald's and let's call it a day.

P.S. The only place worse than DMV is the social security administration office. I'm telling you from experience, DON'T LOSE YOUR S.S. CARD! 

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