University of Connecticut Firefighters made a dramatic rescue on Sunday (May 5) as eight ducklings were separated from their mother, becoming trapped in a catch basin.

Fire personnel from platoon A at the University of Connecticut at Storrs were called into action to help save the eight stranded baby ducks who had managed to get stuck in a catch basin, which left the momma duck and two other siblings in a panic.

Bystanders noticed the mom and two of her ducklings calling to the eight others in the catch basin, so they called the University of Connecticut Department of public safety which has its own police and fire departments.

The firefighters were dispatched to the scene, and using a technique called confined space rescue, were able to get lowered down into the catch basin and get a hold of six of the eight ducklings.

For the other two ducklings, who managed to allude firefighters and got deeper into the basin, the rescue crews used a secret weapon -- a box of Rice Krispies -- to lure them back to the original catch basin and make their rescue possible.

A short while later, this dramatic rescue had a happy ending, as the mother and all ten ducklings could be seen swimming in a nearby lake, all were doing fine.

Here are some more photos from the heartwarming scene:

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