Connecticut firefighters would like to pass along a tip about the use of gasoline.

You would think that common sense would kick in when trying to decide if gasoline would make a great cleaning detergent. All of Connecticut's firefighters would say, "NO!!" But the Guilford, CT Fire Department took it one step further. Here's what they had to say about this ridiculous video (below):

Another friendly tip from your local firefighters. If you see this at a gas station:
1. Put your car in reverse and safely floor it till you reach 2500 feet.
2. Call 911 to report this.
3. Put your sunglasses on and keep the dispatcher informed as to the time of explosion.
4. Send us video.
That is all for now, have a safe day!

This public service announcement comes courtesy of the Dangerous Goods and Hazmat FB page that was created for those with an involvement in dangerous goods and hazardous materials and handling issues. One tiny little spark and that dude cleaning with gasoline turns into a human fireball. The following is Bad Idea #2...

While we're on the subject of gas station idiocy, enjoy this compilation of major fails at the gas pump.


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