A unique pairing, to be sure, as Stew Leonard Jr. and Mary J. Blige co-host an event together.

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Stew Leonards has a phenomenal store called 'Stew Leonard's Wine & Spirits' at 2 Nabby Road in Danbury, and Mary J. Blige has a new wine line titled 'Sun Goddess'. On Thursday, Sept. 17, at 6PM, Stew and his daughter, Blake, will host a virtual event celebrating Blige's new line of wine being sold at Stew Leonard's three Connecticut locations, according to an article in the Newstimes. During the virtual meet-and-greet, Mary J. will field questions from fans who have registered for the Zoom chat about her career and her wine.

If you would like to register for the Sun Goddess Wine virtual launch party, click this link. Stew's daughter, Blake, is a certified Sommelier, and the two of them will be moderating a discussion with Blige about her new lines of wine, which include a pinot grigio and a chardonnay.

Stew Leonard Jr. - Courtesy of Stew Leonard's FB Page...
Stew Leonard Jr. - Courtesy of Stew Leonard's FB Page...

Since Stew and Mary J. have her new wine line, Sun Goddess, in common, this might be the perfect opportunity for Blige and Leonard to release a collaborative new song. How about kicking Ja Rule's guest appearance out of 'Rainy Dayz' and bring in Stew Leonard Jr. for a duet titled, 'Rainy Dayz and Chicken Ways'. Your thoughts?

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