It’s really nothing drastic. As a matter of fact, at first glance, you or I probably wouldn't even notice it.

February 1 is the big day, at least according to USA Today, that Wal-Mart Stores will experience a name change. The hyphen will be removed from their name and the word "stores" will be dropped. Reps say that the change will make the branding shorter and more streamlined. It's not just here in New York and Connecticut, it's a worldwide change.

Why go through all this trouble for such a minor name change?

Good question. A lot of their business now revolves around online shopping. The name change will reflect their emphasis on e-commerce. The new name "Walmart" is addressing all customers, not just those willing to shop in the brick and mortar or physical locations, but also web shoppers.

We've been referring to Walmart as "Walmart" for years though, right? No one ever said let’s go to "Walmart Stores!" I guess it’s not legit until corporate officially re-brands it.

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