6-year-old Noah Pozner was the youngest victim in the horrific Sandy Hook shootings.

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Noah's dad, Lenny Pozner, was a recent guest on "60 Minutes." Because of the continuous attacks and death threats he still receives from conspiracy theorists, Pozner insisted that CBS disguise his appearance for the segment. According to CBS, these are the words of Lenny Pozner as reported on by the Danbury Daily Voice.

My son's very short life was being attacked, and I just wasn't going to stand for that. That Noah did not die; that I'm not Noah's father revolves around the notion that these are staged shootings, scripted events, that I'm an actor, that I'm paid to fake the death of a child.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the shooting was a master plan orchestrated by politicians attempting to pass new gun control measures or do away with the Second Amendment. Pozner began reporting harassing and defaming content and claims about him and his family to defend his son's memory. The following is a clip of that "60 Minutes" interview.

Since the Sandy Hook shootings, Pozner has moved at least half a dozen times to protect his family's safety. He also founded the HONR Network, which helps victims of malicious misinformation campaigns. To this day, the families of the children who died in December of 2012 and the teachers are still being harassed and hounded by conspiracy theorists.

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