It's the first real high definition look we earthlings have of Mars, and if it wasn't for a Connecticut company, these images would not be possible.

NASA has robotic rovers, which are powered by high-tech lithium-ion batteries made by Yardney Technical Products. This company was based in Stonington, Connecticut at the time of the missions to Mars. Since then, they have relocated to Rhode Island, but only because they needed more building space.

The rovers, whose battery life lasted much longer than the projected 90 days, gave NASA much more time to examine the martian surface then they ever imagined. Even one of the rovers, Curiosity, launched during 2004, and is still operating.

Now, thanks to a video, "Journey Across The Surface of Another World" produced by Britain's Elder Fox Documentaries, we're getting a look at the red planet using digital photos shot by the three rovers.

According to, the video is comprised of single digital photos that were put together to simulate a camera panning across the planet's surface. Unfortunately, normal high definition video would be next to impossible to upload and beam it back to earth, so this is the next best thing, and we can view it in 4K.

So check out the video, it's loaded with views of Mars, the martian deserts, massive dunes, the mountains and the hills. It's like nothing you've ever seen, so we can actually say, it's out of this world.

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