FaceApp is not actually new this is the second time the app has been a part of a viral trend. The App developed by a Russia based developer is two years old but has been the hot item since celebrities recently took on the “FaceApp Challenge.” While it's been a lot of fun for everyone who has tried it, the challenge may be putting your security at risk.

According to CNBC there are concerns about how the app uses the information you give it to potentially gain access to more data and photos without the users permission. Researchers say those concerns are NOT a worry.

The "researchers" did little to quell the anxiety about the App's potential to steal entire camera rolls of photos. The Democratic National Convention actually sent out a warning Wednesday via app. They warned against using the app “developed by Russians.”

The DNC nailed it for me. I'm not listening to so called "researchers" when we are talking about Russians being handed truck loads of free American information. Do you trust the Russians to behave responsibly with a key to all of our phones? Meditate on that. I call that, "Putin it in perspective."

I like the NFL ones best


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