There was a gruesome murder in Brookfield, CT on February 6, 1981. A man named Alan Bono was found dead that night. The weeks leading up to the murder were not what you would call normal by any standards, and that's to say the least. The months to follow would have the local area gripped with fear and curiosity.

Mike Allen was one of a handful of local journalist to cover the "Devil Made Me Do It" murder in 1981. At the time, Mike was the News Director here at i95. The case became so famous, it drew the attention of Hollywood and became the focus of  a movie called the Demon Murder Case starring Kevin Bacon.

This morning, Mike came back to i95 with piles of paper, his actual notes from his investigation and a tape recorder. What he shared with us was very interesting. The details of this case were bizarre for sure. Mike analyzed the case from a facts only standpoint and he still has questions about it to this day. Here's the fascinating interview complete with audio of an attempted exorcism:

PART 1: 

PART 2: 



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