Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is exiting City Hall prior to the end of his tenth term. Boughton was appointed to and has accepted the position of Tax Commissioner with the State of Connecticut under Governor Ned Lamont.

The City charter dictates that the President of the City Council is to finish out the term of Mayor, in a case like this. That man is Joe Cavo and Cavo will be sworn in tomorrow (12/17/20).

Next fall, there will be a new election and for the first time in over twenty years Mark Boughton will not be running for Mayor of the Hat City. There's questions about whether Joe Cavo will want the position and the Democrats have not announced who they will nominate for the position.

This has left some wide open spaces for brand new faces to take their shot at the office next year. Should I be one of the faces in the crowd going after this important job?

Since the announcement that Boughton would exit last week, I've been told countless times that this is an office I should seek. I think people are being funny when they suggest this, others may actually be serious.

All of this had me wondering what my friend Mark Boughton thought of the idea. This is what he had to say:

Lou - "Should I run?"

Mark - "Um.....no. I don't think you have the patience level. I think you would pull out a cigarette and light it right in somebody's face."

You can't get any clearer than that, you just can't.

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