When it comes to wrong-way crashes, one of the main area's of concern from state officials is located right in Danbury.

Recently we told you about the state of Connecticut going high tech to stop wrong way drivers, and according to that study, there's no place in Connecticut worse than the exit 8 off-ramp on I-84 west in Danbury.

Over the last few years, the DOT has been going through crash data, statistics and 911 calls, and that's how they've been able to pinpoint that particular Danbury exit ramp as one area where there have been an above average number of wrong way crashes since 2015. That's also the area where they will be testing the first high tech "Wrong Way" signs starting this fall.

Since 2017, state data has been tracking the amount of wrong-way crashes on area roads. Overall, there have been 117 crashes, causing 15 deaths.

The new high tech signs, which will first appear in Danbury, will detect when a vehicle is going the wrong way up an off-ramp. When that happens, red flashing lights are activated. If that doesn't get the driver's attention and get the vehicle to turn around, a second sensor is triggered. When the system is activated, a video feed is sent to the DOT Traffic Management Center. If the driver continues to travel in the wrong direction, another radar triggers an audio alert inside the control center and state police are notified.

The added high tech "wrong way" signs are part of the I-84 Danbury project:

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