Kevin Farley is coming to perform at the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, CT this weekend. Before touching down in the Nutmeg State Kevin called into the I-95 Morning Show to talk about comedy, Chris, 2Gether and working with Larry David.

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Lou: Your brother Chris Farley's comedy legacy, his shadow is massive. Do you think your relation to him has helped you, hurt you or both? 

Kevin: "Yeah, I would say a little bit of both. I mean, I sort of have my own way about me so people, when I do a show people recognize that I look like him but they always say I have my own take on it which is pretty normal with siblings. So, I don't know it's sort of been both so I can't really tell if it's been good or bad, I don't know." 

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Lou: When you say 2Gether to 90s kids everyone just starts laughing right away. You were part of this fictional boy band that became a massive success on MTV, it was hilarious, how the hell did that all start? 

Kevin: "I think MTV came up with the concept of making a fake boy band much like the Monkees did back in the 60s. So, it was that kind of formula and they wanted to put together a bunch of actors that could also sing and dance so pretty much that is how it started. I auditioned, and I did not have a great voice but I was workable so they thought I could do it and we just had a ball. All of our songs were really funny, if you go back and listen to them, you listen to the lyrics and they are very funny. I love listening to them." 

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Lou: You were on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and Dave and I went back and played the clip today it's unbelievably funny. You played an exterminator who invites himself to go along with Larry to see a middle school production of Grease, an absurd thing. Obviously, anyone who watched the show knows Larry is thinking I don't want to hangout with this guy but he relents and says yes and you go great, we're gonna get F--- up! This is the absolute perfect line to deliver because it's the last thing Larry wants to hear. We've heard this about the show that a lot of it is ad-libbed. They will tell you a starting point, and ending point and you need to sort of fill in the middle. Was that your experience on the set with Larry? 

Kevin: "Yeah, Jeff Garlin is a friend of mine and from what I remember you make up lines like that and I think during the shoot I was thinking about saying that and I'm like I think I'm going to surprise Larry with that line and I did. I think I got Larry to laugh which is pretty rare. Larry and Jeff both laughed and they thought it was a great way to end the scene and I walk off and say hey, we're gonna get F--- up. I think I made that up and Jeff said oh yeah, say that, say that. That is pretty much how the show goes, it's a joy to work on and if you can get Larry to laugh that is a pretty big accomplishment." 

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Lou: You've been in a bunch of Adam Sandler movies and I always get jealous when I watch them. I put them on and see this family of the same actors, this gang of comedians that get along and think God that must be so much fun to do. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Kevin: "Yeah that is kind of what it is, it's a family and Adam uses the same people every time. So, definitely it's like a family vibe to it and Sandler just comes out and says here do this, do this, do this and so it's really loose and fun. Since Sandler is in charge it's like, he's such a cool boss everything runs really, very easily and everybody is having fun and it's a very nice set to work on because everybody knows their lane and they stay in it and yeah it's easy and fun." 

Get your tickets for this Saturday night (6/29/24) to see Kevin Farley at "The Kate." 

You can listen to our complete interview with Kevin Farley below. We also asked Kevin which Adam Sandler regular is a "wild-card" on the set of those Happy Madison movies.

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