Just days after a scandal that rocked the puppy store, Puppy Kisses is now being forced to shut down.

Earlier in the week, we reported that dogs at the store were being sold under false pretenses, now the owner has to be out of the Federal Road location by August 8.

According to the News Times store owners, Ray and Alysia Rothman, have been operating the store from their home in Missouri since they took over operation in January 2016.

The landlord of the property, Aura Showah, claims they haven't paid their July rent that was due on the first of the month. She also claims that the Rothmans have been late with the rent checks for the past few months and that they haven't paid for their garbage service in the past three months.

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kicks image

Aura, who is also the owner of Widow Browns, which shares a wall with Puppy Kisses, had this to say to newstimes.com about the Rothmans:

You can’t live in Missouri and expect a business to run properly in Danbury. They hired young people who weren’t vetted enough; weren’t responsible enough — and they were taking care of the dogs and taking care of the business. A lot of them were kids in their early-20s, and some of them really did the best they could do, but they had no direction. Because of the decisions that they’ve made, they are partially responsible for everything that went down. That’s just my opinion.

Danbury Police launched an investigation after initial reports claimed that some 20-30 puppies had been stolen, however their investigation revealed that the puppies, some valued at between $800 and $1,000, had actually been sold for just $100.

No one has yet to be charged with any crime in this case.

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