A massive overhaul is coming to Federal Road in Brookfield.

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We spoke to Brookfield Economic Development Director Greg Dembowski on Wednesday (12/15/21) on the Ethan and Lou Radio Show and I asked him what the project would cost the State CT, this was his reply:

"The last estimate I saw which was several months ago was just over $8 million and we'll see what the final costs come in on because this project is going to go on for about a year and a half."

That wasn't all, we learned everything you need to know about the Brookfield Project, the following are the answers we got from speaking with Greg Dembowski:

What are the Issues on Federal Road in Brookfield?

"Congestion and automobile accidents" Greg Dembowski continued "anybody that drives up and down Federal Road, especially on a busy weekend or the holidays, certainly understands the congestion issues and all the traffic delays and that's what this project is addressing."

When did this begin? 

"So, really this project that is now under construction started back in September of 2015 with a study that the town (Brookfield) commissioned to address the congestion and number of safety and automobile accidents that have been happening on that stretch of road."

Will Demolition Be Necessary and where?

He said the building that once was home to J. Ramen will be taken down, saying "that is one of two buildings that are going to be demolished. In fact, the town has issued the demolition permit and construction is scheduled to start this Thursday (yesterday - 12/16/21) and last two weeks."

NOTE - When he said construction permit, Greg Dembowski was referring to the demolition of J. Ramen. It started yesterday and local officials are asking drivers to take caution in that area. There will be survey workers on the side of the road and utility poles will be relocated. The construction (road improvement) work will begin in Spring of 2022.

What can we expect in terms of traffic patterns and delays during construction on Federal Road? 

"Brookfield Police will be responsible for traffic control, like they are for any other roadway project in town. So, during construction, it will be Brookfield Police out there directing traffic as appropriate depending on what construction work is going on that day. Let me also mention that some of the work is going to be done in the overnight hours."

What section of Federal Road are we talking about? 

It's 5300 feet of roadway improvements on Federal Road .from BJ's to the shopping plaza at 317 Federal Road and 800 feet on Old New Milford Road.

You can listen to our entire interview with Greg Dembowski in the video player at the top of the page. View the planned improvements here.

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