My dad grew up in the North end of Waterbury during the 1940's, and my grandparents didn't make a lot of money. Buying a pig for the whole family to consume was a regular thing for them, and my dad used to always say "David, we ate those things tail to snout, every piece could be used for something.' Dad especially liked ham hocks.

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I would wake up on Saturday mornings to the awful stench of ham hocks and cabbage steaming away in the pressure cooker, and then spent my Saturday afternoons watching him and my Uncle Billy gnaw on pig bones. Ham hocks may not be pretty, but I found out eventually that they're damn tasty.

What is a ham hock? It's also known as pork knuckle or hough, and it's the joint of a pig's leg. This cut of meat is tough, it consists of skin, tendons, ligaments and bone. But the flavor is unique. Ham hocks are very popular in Poland, and my grandparents passed down that love to my dad. It's rare that you will find ham hocks on a menu here in Connecticut in 2023.

But I found out today that a New Britain Legend is keeping the tradition alive. Staropolska Restaurant on Broad Street in New Britain is hosting an event this Sunday for those of us that want a little hock with our football. Ham Hock Sunday, Staropolska Style is happening Sunday, February 12, 2023 from noon-6PM. Staropolska will be serving up their ham hocks baked in beer, along with your choice of soup or salad, potato, and a veggie slaw. You do have to reserve your hock, as supplies are limited. If you're interested, reserve yours by calling Staropolska at 860-612-1711.

I see hocks show up in my local grocery store once in awhile, here's a great video if you'd like to smoke some for yourself

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