I'm not afraid to say it, my son, Ethan James is one talented singer/songwriter and I'm going to prove it.

I'm going to ask you to spare 3 minutes and 24 seconds and listen to the following Ethan James original tune titled, 'Read My Rights.' The song was recorded last year in a recording studio in Victor, New York for an EP titled, 'Sonsup.'

Sonsup is a collaborative musical adventure where fathers and sons share their love of music with each other by playing, singing, and harmonizing on each other's original tunes. Garry and I formed an acoustic rock group in 1972 called, 'Sunup' which I left in '79 to come and work at I-95.

Sunup is Ethan Carey and Garry Manuel - Photo Credit - Jeff Rollins

My '70's 'Sunup' partner, Garry Manuel is the driving force behind the 'Sonsup' project and should you make the decision to purchase the 8 song EP you will hear his vocals and tasty acoustic guitar work throughout the album.


The EP contains three Ethan James originals, 'Read My Rights,' 'Brand New View,' and 'Ride It Out' along with two 'Sunup' selections titled 'Tendencies' and 'Everything Melts.' Garry's son, Marshall features one of his originals on the EP titled, 'Don't Wanna Be Let Down.' Garry's new song titled, 'A New Day Dawns' is about the sharing of music and friendship. The four of us joined together for some creative harmonies on the only cover song titled 'I'll Be Back' by the Beatles.

'Sunup' Album 'Passion & Politics 73-'75'

If you enjoy catchy melodies, gritty vocals, and awesome harmonies, I suggest you try us out by clicking on sonsup.com.