It all began in the early 70s, when my best friend Garry Manuel and I decided to form an acoustic duo called Sunup.

Sunup's music can be described as contemporary folk rock with catchy melodies coupled with an emphasis on vocal harmonies. For seven short years, the original Sunup trio played coffee houses, clubs, colleges, and concert halls primarily in upstate New York and New England. Sunup opened shows for Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Eric Andersen, Jimmy Cliff, and the James Gang.

'Sunup' from 1974 L to R is Ethan Carey/James D. (Goona) Wilson, Kerry Petersen, and Garry Manuel - Photo Credit - Jeff Rollins

It was not surprising that one day, both Garry and I would each have a son that would follow in our musical footsteps. It was Garry's idea to share our musical journey with our talented singer/songwriting sons, Ethan James and Marshall Manuel through a project titled, Sonsup!

'Sonsup' From L to R - Ethan James, Ethan Carey(James D. (Goona) Wilson, Garry Manuel, and Marshall Manuel

This album is a dream come true for Garry and I and now a treasure to the four of us and our families. Sonsup blends the songs and styles of Sunup with the songwriting artistry of our sons. All the tunes are penned by the members of the group with the exception of the Beatle cover, "I'll Be Back" which features the four of us sharing verses and harmonies.

The Sonsup album is now available on CD and can be ordered by contacting Garry Manuel at or by dropping me an email at The digital download release is Dec.11 on iTunes. Sunup's other two albums titled Saratoga Sunrise and Passion and Politics are available by clicking on

I'll leave you with this tune from the new Sonsup album called "A New Day Dawns" written and performed by Garry, which tells our story. We hope you enjoy our labor of love.