Ethan is off to Florida! Florida, you say? That's right, Ethan is going on his FIRST EVER Florida vacation. He's headed off to the beautiful Sanibel Island. I've traveled extensively throughout Florida but I have never had the pleasure of a Sanibel trip. I have heard great things though.

But enough about me, this is going to be a life changing trip for him. This will be his Del Boca Vista. He's moving in lock, stock and barrel. He's gonna be in the pool, he's gonna be in the clubhouse and he's gonna be all over that shuffle board court. I dare you to keep him out.

THIS is the land of his people as he has put it to me so many times. I have actual FEAR that he and his wife Mindy are going to fall in love with it and NEVER return. We are really playing with fire here in terms of the future of the Ethan and Lou show.

I can see it now. 1 week, becomes 12 days, 12 days becomes 21 days and boom he is hooked. The next you thing you know he's running for condo board President and peddling discount tip calculators.

Wish me luck, I may never see my friend again.


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