These are the stories most radio stations are afraid to air. That's what you hear every morning at the beginning of our "Missed Headlines" feature. Are they afraid to air them? Probably not. They just choose not to, and that is their problem.

These are three stories that just happen to be stupid news. They are often dumb crimes committed by dumb people and many times they happen in Florida — Florida, you say? The best part is that there really are NO RULES for what we put in there. If the story is funny, or we can make it funny, you will hear it in "Missed Headlines."

Every now and then, we get too many funny stories and we can not do them all during the show. On those rare occasions we do a bonus round of "Missed Headlines" for you. This morning was one of those times.

Today, we will hear about some men who do not like ladies, Big News for Oreo lovers and a Tesla employee who had a bad day for the ages:

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