Lisa Lampanelli returned the to the I-95 studio to promote her upcoming show at the Waterbury Palace Theater on November 16th called "Losin It." The former "Queen of Mean" now spends her time delivering positive messages about weight loss but Lisa cannot help but be funny. What you heard on the air was half of the show, there was plenty more fun you missed.

We went to the trouble of putting together a smash-cut of what she said on the air as well. We covered a lot this morning like Halloween candy, Lisa Olive Garden love, her thoughts on Sesame Street and her hate for Harvey Weinstein.

Don't miss your chance to see Lisa at the Waterbury Palace Theater, it's sure to be a great show, she delivers laughs and happiness wherever she goes. Lisa made a point to tell us that she gets a standing ovation at all her "Losin' It" shows. I thought she was kidding but I did some digging and it is the absolute truth.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

I like to call this picture role reversal day. I think that's her impression of me and I tried one of those smiles everyone is always talking about, it hurt my face.


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