Recently, Danbury Police arrested a man in connection with a crime that includes charges of home invasion, assault, risk of injuries to a child, criminal mischief, interfering with the duties of a police officer, breach of peace, and disorderly conduct.

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The charges stem from an alleged incident in which authorities contend he and several others forced their way into a Main Street home, reportedly assaulting the resident before damaging a number of their belongings and some of the property.

When the DPD arrived, the crime was reportedly still in progress and the suspects all fled. A foot pursuit ensued, and one of the suspects was caught nearby, and began to allegedly resist arrest in a violent manner. The rest of them evaded police, and an investigation is underway to track them down.

I can't go for this, no can do! Not in my city, I won't stand for it. We discussed the matter on the Ethan and Lou Show this morning and this is how I (Lou Milano) responded to the allegations:

"Listen up, we're looking for you. And, when we find you, it's gonna get ugly. I would love if the Danbury Police would let me have some time with this --- you know, five minutes in a room with a phone book, ya know."

I continued later by saying:

"I bet you think you're tough guys ---. Why don't you go contact your two friends that got away, right? And, the three of you, I'll pick two guys and we'll meet you in a parking lot in Danbury and we'll see who comes out alive?"

This had the Ethan and Lou inbox humming, listeners wanted in on the fight. These are some of the comments:

  • Johnny Love - Brookfield - "Ooh, pick me!"
  • Flying Lone Goose - Bridgewater - "Sign me up for the brawl, I'm hyped up on Taco-Bachi burritos."
  • Russ - New Milford - "I trained with the Charlestown, RI Police in '03. I'm not in the same fighting shape, that I once was but I'm up for a brawl."
  • Jay Cadmus - New Fairfield - "I'm in for the fight. I'm scrappy and I'll bring the sandwiches."
  • Bobby Burnout - Danbury - "Pitchfork ready!"

It appears I have options as to who I can pick for my fight squad. It also appears that residents of the Greater-Danbury area continue to be awesome people who work hard, love their community and have no patience for petty criminals attempting to terrify locals. The guys that are accused of this are cowards if it's true.

Below is the segment we did on this minus a song parody because of copyright protection. It's also worth noting that I incorrectly said the suspects "attacked" the victims. I don't know that to be true, it's not in the police reports, the word assault was used. I just got carried away with this subject. I'm not sorry, it happens.

P.S. Everyone calm down, I'm not starting a Hat City Fight Club, no one is doing anything. We will, of course allow the wheels of justice to turn and mind our own business.

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