After weeks of post-production, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's TV show, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, featuring Waterbury's Vasi's Restaurant is finally set to air Wednesday January 16 at 8PM on Fox.

I told you about Ramsay coming to the Brass City back in October, Ramsay was spotted around town and actually ate dinner twice at Diorio's. After he blew town, it was pretty easy to see the work that he did along Watertown Avenue, as Vasi's was re-branded overnight as Vasi's Taverna.

I took a spin through the menu, and from my untrained eye, they took the classic John Taffer/Gordon Ramsay tried-and-true approach of simplifying the menu choices, adding trendy and classic items, renovating the facility and re-launching.

I'm sure they've created a lot of drama and tension out of the hours of footage that they culled from their time in Waterbury. If these restaurant makeover shows weren't full of screaming beautiful people, they would be on HGTV instead of Fox.

I'll be watching closely to see if they block out the Mario's Car Wash or Brass City Vape logos, and p.s. -- I still miss Phil's Steak and lobster too.

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