God, I love a heartwarming end to mysteries, especially when it involves a missing animal.

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Riverside Reptiles Education Center is located at 132 South Road in Enfield, and they provide a safe environment to experience reptiles and amphibians up close. Numerous enclosures and habitats around the beautiful facility are filled with the coolest snakes, alligators, turtles, and lizards in the Northeast United States. I love reptiles, and I think Riverside Reptiles is a Connecticut treasure.

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Here's the mystery - Riverside Reptile's female Bearded Dragon, named Mushu, went missing sometime after she was fed on Sunday, September 18, 2022. The owner of Riverside Reptile, Brian Kleinman, reported the incident a couple days later on Riverside Reptile Education Center's Facebook Page. Later that same day, Kleinman posted an update in which he relayed the sad news that they now presumed that poor Mushu had been stolen. Also, so far, no person of interest had been identified through their video.

Here's the good news - Mushu is back. On September 28, Kleinman updated all of us social media fans with this astounding news -  Mushu was found in her enclosure exactly one week later. 

Hopefully this was a mystery, and not a crime. Maybe the Mushu thief had a conscience? Mushu used her bearded cloak of invisibility to take a trip to a dispensary over the border? Kleinman and staff stated that they searched all over, up and down. Anyway, I was an outraged "Following" social media fan rooting for Mushu's safe return. There are so many bad stories involving stolen animals, I thought you might enjoy a good one.

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