Brewster, NY was the scene of a terrifying and fiery motor vehicle accident today.

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We were doing the I-95 Morning Show on Thursday (1/11/24) when all of our alarm bells started going off in the studio. The I-95 Rock Mobile app was filling up with alerts, the studio phone was ringing and then it began on my personal phone. The first message that got my attention came in at 7:03 am from my friend Jose who captured these images in Brewster.

Jose Adame
Jose Adame

Three minutes later we went live with a quick announcement alerting the public to the inferno.

From that point on we were collecting bits of information as it came in from eyewitnesses.

At 7:12 - Ken from Prospect said: "Mill plain Road at Saw Mill Road, Tractor trailer and car tangled up , truck is on fire."

At 7:16 we received this message from Nick in Brewster: "The car fire is on rt 6 near the border. Kelly better update her traffic report because the west bound is piling up fast. Danbury and Brewster PD on scene or enroute."

Until the end of the show we had more questions than answers so when we wrapped up for the day I reached out to Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville who told me "NYSP handled the accident, you should contact them"

I touched base with the Brewster barracks of the New York State Troopers and spoke with Trooper AJ Hicks who was able to confirm the following:

  • There was a "serious" accident on Danbury Road in Brewster somewhere in the area of Eagle Ridge Road.
  • The first call came into the police at 6:55 am.

Trooper Hicks made it clear it was too early to make any declarations about the type of vehicle(s) involved or the medical status of any potential victim(s). He said he was collecting information and would be distributing it through a press release later in the day.

We will share any additional information we get from the local authorities as it is made available to us.

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Jose Adame
Jose Adame

These are some serious and terrifying images. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who may have been involved.

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