As you may have read earlier this week, we, along with the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford have made it our personal mission to do what we can to help find Elmer, the dog who seems like Santa forgot, a good forever home.

This week, campaign to finally get Elmer his first forever home took an interesting twist this week.

If you've been following the Elmer saga, he's the dog that has been at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford for his whole life. He's the dog that every Christmas Eve looks to the sky for Santa, and just hopes that he'll finally help him find his first forever home.

Now, the campaign to make it a very Elmer Christmas has been taken to the next level.

Thanks to the folks at SelectaSign, Elmer has been spotted in New York City's Times Square with his own billboard for millions to see.

The company donated some time on their Times Square billboard to give Elmer some Big Apple exposure.

Elmer is still looking for some Christmas cards to know that people are thinking about him this Christmas. You can send cards to him care of the Animal Welfare Society, 8 Dodd Road in New Milford, 06776.

You can also share this with your social media friends, because you never know. Elmer is certain there's a loving home out there somewhere who might see it and finally give him the forever home he's been looking for so long.

Here's a closer look at Elmer from our sister station's most recent Pet of the Week segment:

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