It's a graphic attack on a CT Transit bus driver that was caught on video and it all happened right outside the bus garage in Hamden.

According to, who actually were the first to obtain the video, the attack took place back on March 4th right outside the Hamden bus garage.

Here's what went down, according to CT Transit. An elderly passenger, who is identified as William Horn, refused to get off the bus at the last stop. Now we don't know what took place between the bus stopping and the attack, but Horn is seen smacking the driver in the head with a metal walking cane. The driver, Stefan Knox, then defends himself and tries to get free from his seat belt. Once he does he leaves the bus, and then Horn gets behind the wheel and tries to drive the bus himself.

The incident didn't end there. Knox came back and followed Horn, when he finally left the bus, and performs a wrestling-type drop kick on the assailant.

As a result of the bus driver returning to the scene and re-engaging Horn, CT Transit has fired Knox, a nine year bus company veteran. Horn was arrested and locked up for 3rd degree assault.

This is the official statement on the incident and the firing from CT Transit:

The dangerous assault on the bus operator was absolutely unacceptable.  The driver understandably and rightfully defended and protected himself upon being attacked.  Unfortunately, after the incident had been deescalated and the bus operator had left the area while police were en route, the operator chose to return and physically re-engaged his assailant, without provocation.  Physically engaging the assailant the second time was inappropriate and dangerous.

Here's the News 8 video. Warning: it is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers:

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