He currently lives in Easton but his musical heart is in Danbury, CT.

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Danbury used to have a reputation as a great place to go see live music and one man wants to bring that rep back in a big way. John Fazio Jr. is an old friend of mine who is hooked up with the right people to put together free music events in the Hat City and showcase talent from all over CT and NY.

John Fazio Jr.

The most recent event took place on Saturday night (10/2/21) at a space owned by Danbury's Joe Dasilva. The vacant storefront at 194 Main Street used to be the home to Meraki Nails & Beauty.

Dasilva wants the same thing as Fazio, to see the Hat City have a bustling nightlife once again. With that goal in mind, he's been lending space to Fazio and friends to host the musical showcase. Saturday's show featured the music from a variety of artists:

The event was well attended and Fazio told me he wants to do more, saying:
"The plan is to keep doing these throughout the city, in unique places hopefully. Joe (Dasilva) is on board and trusts me and my ideas so that's a huge plus. If I can stick to a monthly basis, cool but it may vary with holidays and all."
I asked him what he is attempting? What would he like to see come of these pop-up style shows, Fazio replied:
"I currently live in Easton, but I play everywhere. I started my music career in downtown Danbury, from karaoke at Boppers on Friday and Saturday nights to my band playing Tuxedos and gigs at The Monkey Bar. I was a generation that spent weekends downtown jumping from bars to bars, seeing live music, DJ's, dancing, it was a scene for sure. I want to see if we can bring it back.
We're living in a world of distractions right now. Every company, every person wants your attention and in that we start losing sight of the things that drive us. You start living for what everyone else wants and forgetting your own passions, sometimes even putting them to the side for others. If the last year or so has taught us anything, it's that life is short and can be gone in a second. Now is the time to do what you love no matter what. That's what these singer songwriters are about, the love of their art.
I'm looking for movers and shakers, people that aren't afraid to try something, that aren't afraid to "fail". I somewhat went on my own this year trying to do the entrepreneur thing and so far it's been amazing for me, there has got to be others like me out there. While the rest of the world is distracted, let's build something amazing."
John Fazio Jr.
John Fazio Jr.
John Fazio Jr.
John Fazio Jr.
John Fazio Jr.

Fazio made it clear that the two events he's done so far could not have been done without a lot of help, especially from Joe Dasilva who lent the space. Tim Moore and the Blue Haus Group were instrumental in the effort, he said Charter Oak Brewing Company donated beverages for the performers lounge, City Center Café stayed open later so attendees could grab coffees next door, Grassy Plain Vape & Smoke came through with gift cards for the raffle and so did Mark Florio guitars. Finally, East Meets West Pizza & Hibachi dropped off pizzas for the crowd.

Fazio wants to keep the train rolling but is looking for more performers, sponsors and volunteers. If you are interested, reach out to him through his website.

Below is a performance John Fazio Jr. did on the Ethan and Lou Show last year.

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