Unless you are a student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, you probably did not know "Dustin" was in town last week.

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On September 27, Gaten Matarazzo AKA Dustin from Stranger Things was a featured speaker at the S.H.U. Student Affairs Lecture Series. Whether it was part of the program or not, Matarazzo did agree to get up and sing for the crowd.

He performed a duet of "The Neverending Story" on-stage with a student. The post was tagged with: "A SHU student offered to join Gaten for The Neverending Story and it was a moment. A fine rendition if we do say so. This night with @gatenm123 was the best. Thank you for coming to Sacred Heart University!" 

@siobhaner also recorded the performance and uploaded it to Tik-Tok on Wednesday (9/28/22). Writing: "A literal fever dream. That moment when Gaten Matarazzo invites you up to sing Neverending Story with him...."

@siobhaner a literal fever dream. #strangerthings #gatenmatarazzo @Netflix @Sacred Heart University ♬ original sound - Siobhan

Stranger Things fans know why they chose that song. It's one, of handful of tunes that have been featured on Stranger Things that found new life on the American Pop Charts.

The song that got the most love from Season 4 was "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Bust released the song in 1985 and it topped out at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. The song shot to #1 this past summer (2022) after being featured on the Netflix series.

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