Congratulations to Danbury resident Alex Pereira who won the UFC Middleweight Championship this past Saturday night at UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden. We need you and Glover to open up a Power Slap training facility in Danbury gentlemen, you obviously know Dana White very well, pull those strings.

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Before Saturday's big event in which Pereira won the title, UFC President Dana White announced that he's starting up a new sport league called Power Slap. What is it? It's a face slapping competition. Seriously. Check out White's announcement:

Just like Dana White, I've been fascinated by the social media videos of semi-organized slap fights for a couple of years. What White is bringing is organization, rules, and money to a new sport. Danbury needs to get in on the ground level of this sport.

Teixeira MMA & Fitness on Stony Hill Road in Bethel is home to two men that have risen to be the best in the world at their profession. Please, seek out the best slapper that Connecticut has fellas. We're starved for more sport champions like you.

If you've taken a ride around the University of Connecticut campus in Storrs in the past decade, you've seen for yourself what National Championships do for increasing revenues and fanbase. By default, we root for professional sport teams in our geographical area - New York, Boston, etc. I was around for the explosion of merchandise following UConn's Final 4 win over Duke, can you imagine the fervor for a Connecticut Power Slap Champion? Or a Connecticut Pickleball team?

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