Frank's has a tag line that goes; "I put that s--- on everything." It's a fun campaign but this is too far.

In the latest edition of viral marketing campaigns, two monsters of their respective industries teamed up on a doughnut almost no one would want unless it was on a dare. According to a press release from the Dunkin' website the two companies  collaborated on the "Frank’s RedHot Jelly Donut."

The doughnut was only available yesterday (2/3/20) in Miami and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, you say) likely to catch hungover people departing from their Super Bowl trips. The two locations that sold the mutant creation were at 817 SE 17th Street, Ste B, Fort Lauderdale & 2800 S Le Jeune Rd, Miami International Airport. So it's a jelly doughnut covered in Frank's Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce and they claim they tested dozens of flavor combinations before picking this one. They call it both sweet and savory.

I must say this to the two companies whose products I love so much, get out of my face with this disgusting goblin muffin. You are pushing the boundaries of what is right and just in the name of a viral campaign. You both know this tastes like hot garbage that will make people poop in a way they don't want to poop. Stop it.

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