The home for Buck Naked Underwear the Duluth Trading Company is only days away from opening their first Connecticut location.

Danbury has been chosen to host the Duluth Trading Company's first Connecticut store at 3 Sugar Hollow Road in the Whole Foods Shopping Plaza. According to a social media post from the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce, the store's grand opening will take place at 9 am on Thursday, May 23.

You may remember that back in February I wrote a compelling article about the Duluth Trading Company opening a store in Danbury and their immensely popular Buck Naked Underwear.

The slogan for their underwear is a work of genius and states, "No Pinch, No Stink, and No Sweat." Personally, I find I do enjoy my underwear when there is no pinching, no stinking, and no sweating in my crotchular area. As long as my boys have a comfortable home, everyone is happy. The question is does the Buck Naked Underwear really make you feel like you're going commando? You tell me.

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