What's your first thought when you see the words, buck naked? Was it men's underwear? Then you're in luck!

The News Times is reporting that the retailer who manufactures the Buck Naked brand of men's underwear, the Duluth Trading Company has chosen Danbury to open up their first Connecticut store. Have you ever experienced the "No Pinch, No Stink, No Sweat" Bare Naked Underwear? Trust me, your "boys" will love their new home.

A Duluth Trading sign is now up at the former EMS site close to Whole Foods at 5C Sugar Hollow Road. One of the great things about Bare Naked Underwear is their "No Bull" guarantee, which means if there's anything you don't like about this underwear, you get a full refund no questions asked. I should also mention that the Duluth Trading also sells shirts, pants, outerwear, shoes, etc.

Bare Naked Underwear - Photo by Ebay Seller Daveetc
Bare Naked Underwear - Photo by Ebay Seller Daveetc .

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