Depending on when you're driving on I-84 through Waterbury determines the number of expletives you let fly.

First, the good news. According to the Hartford Courant, the $330 million widening project on I-84 through Waterbury is almost one year ahead of schedule. The bad news is the contract completion is set for June of 2020, but there's the possibility it may be completed by August of 2019. Crews are working 21 hour days for six days a week to wrap up 10 months ahead of schedule.

I do need to give props to the State of Connecticut for the website created exclusively for the I-84 Waterbury Project. I attempted to find viable alternative routes around the massive construction but was unsuccessful. The website delivers weekly updates on where and when delays will occur and which lanes will be closed to traffic. You can even sign up to receive those updates via email. For this week's construction update, click here.

If you love watching things getting blown up, here's some video taken by JB Images when they blasting began in December of 2015.

According to NBC Connecticut, the worst is yet to come when reconstruction work on the MixMaster begins where Route 8 merges with I-84. That traffic snarling project will begin as the widening project is finishing up. Happy trails!

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