Whoa!! Was that an Air Force plane we just passed?

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You bet it was! It was a U.S. Air Force C-130, Hercules aircraft to be exact, and it was being escorted by the Traffic Services Unit of the CT State Police this past Friday. The plane was heading towards Rhode Island and then to its final destination in New Hampshire.

Photo Courtesy of the CT State Police
Photo Courtesy of the CT State Police

To say that many people were surprised to see the aircraft traveling along the interstate and through Bethel, Thomaston, and other towns is an understatement.

There was no word on why the U.S. Air Force C-130 was being transported to New Hampshire. My only guess is that it might have been heading to the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.


It's time for some fun facts from the website, lockheedmartin.com, about this gigantic valuable military airplane that was built in 1951 and is still used today.

  • Can take off from rough dirt strips
  • Used for airdropping troops and equipment into warzone areas
  • Transports oversize cargo like helicopters, six-wheeled armored vehicles, and can airdrop up to 42,000 pounds of equipment
  • Contains 23 cockpit windows and has a maximum speed of 360 mph
  • In 1968, the C-130 was used frequently in Vietnam, where it picked up and dropped off supplies and troops in the most remote locations.
  • The C-130 was called into action after Hurricane Katrina because of its unparalleled delivery and airdrop capabilities.
  • In January 2010, the C-130 carried 13,600 short tons of cargo and transported more than 25,800 passengers after Haiti's disastrous earthquake.

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