It's spring -- a time when a young man's and young woman's fancy turns to opening weekend at Down the Hatch in Brookfield.

After a long cold winter, the preparations are being made for that one weekend when joy comes to Brookfield and the surrounding area. It's been a long standing tradition in these parts -- the official opening weekend at Down the Hatch.

This year, that big day comes on Saturday, May 4, as the Hatch celebrates their 43rd summer on Candlewood Lake.

There's nothing like The Hatch in the area. Dock your boat and dine lakeside or just belly up to the bar for a refreshing tropical cocktail or craft beer. There's nothing like those summer nights when you're at Down The Hatch.

Down the Hatch is famous for its outdoor lakeside dining area, great food and good times. Down The Hatch will be open again this year from 11:30 am., serving lunch and dinner. with the bar staying open until 12 am. Their season begins in May and ends in September, and they invite all their friends to be there and celebrate another summer on the lake.

If you are looking for fun spot with good food, good friends and good times, you've found it. There is always a party at Down The Hatch.

Down the Hatch is located at 292 Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield.

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