If you found that your favorite Dunkin' donut wasn't available around Waterbury and Thomaston over the weekend, there's an explanation for that - A stolen Dunkin' truck crashed on Wolcott Street late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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Sunday was a good day to try out Aroma Joe's on Wolcott Street in Waterbury, following an early morning incident that delayed Waterbury and Thomaston Dunkin fans their donut fix. According to wfsb.com, a delivery truck, destined for a 4AM arrival in Thomaston, loaded with thousands of Dunkin's donuts, was stolen, and then crashed on Wolcott Street in Waterbury early Sunday morning (November 5, 2023).

The article on wfsb.com contains a variety of quotes from Dunkin' employees that paint the old "The donuts fell off the back of a truck' scenario occurring. Overall, thousands of Dunkin's donuts were lost in the incident. Shipments were then delayed to a number of Greater Waterbury Dunkin' locations. Thankfully, by 10AM, the Boston Creams and Blueberry Muffins were flying back into our faces, as replacement deliveries safely made it to their destinations.

With tomorrow being Election day in Waterbury, my question for Dawn Maiorano and Paul Pernerewski is this: What will you do to ensure that Dunkin' delivery trucks make it through the Brass City unscathed? Was there an unholy union of Aroma Joe's/Burger King/Panera/McDonald's/Popeye's, and Wendy's to make everyone pay attention to their breakfast offerings? Is this the first skrimish of the great battle to get the Pie Plate back on Wolcott Street?

It's not any of those, but I'll bet you can find some day-old donuts for cheap on the street today.

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