FYI, If you purchased a CT Lottery Super Draw ticket, it may not have been counted in the drawing!

What does that mean? - Because of human error, 100,000 tickets that were sold were not a part of the drawing on January 1 at 11am.

So now what happens? According to, there will be another drawing which will include the 100,000 tickets not counted along with the tickets from the first drawing.

I'm confused! - The CT Lottery tells us that because the first bungled drawing was not conducted according to the "approved game rules," all of the tickets sold including the ones from the first drawing will be combined together for a second drawing. Keep an eye on for the date of the new drawing.

What if I already won?The CT Lottery will honor any winning tickets for both drawings.

The bottom line? If you played Super Draw the first time and won, there's a possibility you could win again? Good luck!

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