Yeah, I know it was National Pet Day on Wednesday, April 11. So I'm a day late, your dog or cat won't care.

The purpose of this blog post is to make sure your beloved pets are not missing any of their favorite TV shows. You would think that the obvious TV show that all cats and dogs dig is 'Animal Planet.' Then you would be dead wrong. Watch this video.

Not only is there a channel dedicated to your dog, but it's also geared to dogs that may have issues. It's simply called, Dogtv. It's a vet recommended channel for your dog which helps to treat doggie loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

According to an article in, Research has concluded that domestic dogs have a preference towards watching other canines. They seem to like the sounds of barking and whining and the sound of people giving dog-friendly commands. Does your best friend enjoy dog cartoon shows? Here's a handful of shows your doggie may love.


** Underdog - 1964-1967



** Scooby Doo - The original CBS years(1969-1975)


In our next episode boys and girls, we'll be featuring those furry little cat creatures and what shows they love to watch on TV. Never mind, they don't like anything.

Animal Lovers Converge On Pet Fair
"I'm way too cool to be watching TV." - Getty Images

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