I'm sure at some point you've wondered how safe the water is that comes out of your tap everyday. Now you can finally find out, thanks to a new study that just came out.

The Environmental Working Group has just compiled a database revealing how safe the water we drink everyday actually is. The data which covers all 50 states tells you exactly what you're drinking, and it's not all good.

It's probably something you never think of when you get that clear glass of water out of the tap, but believe it or not, you could be ingesting hundreds of harmful contaminants that can cause all sorts of health problems.

According to patchacrossamerica.com, your drinking water could contain lead, polyfluorinated chemicals, and nitrosamines that can cause cancer, developmental issues in children, problems in pregnancy, and thyroid issues. Tt can even mess with your DNA, not to mention all the other serious health conditions.

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Even though our drinking water is the safest in the world, there is still some cause for concern. Don't forget, "legal limits" of certain chemicals doesn't mean it's always safe to drink. Experts say there are more than 250 contaminants in most of the drinking water we're exposed to daily.

In Danbury, for instance, 13 contaminants were found in the water supply, 6 of those above the legal limits, and all 6 are known cancer-causing agents.

In Bethel, 5 contaminants were found, and all 5 were above the legal limits.

Brewster's water contained some 24 different contaminants, with 8 of those above the legal limit, and in Mahopac/Carmel, there were some 30 different chemicals identified, 14 of which were over the legal limit.

In most cases, we're not talking about a Hinkley, California type issue (you remember Erin Brockovich don't you) but we are talking about a danger that we face every single day.

One thing you can do if your water is high in contaminants is to put a filtration system on the pipes leading into your house. A simpler, less expensive solution is to pick up a purification filter and install it on the pipes leading to your tap. Both methods may not eliminate all the bad chemicals, but may reduce them to a less dangerous level.

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