2024 is so boring, name a business bold enough to paint all of their locations bright yellow? School bus yellow? Nothing, right? Back in the glorious 1980's & 90's there was a colorful grocery store, with multiple locations across Connecticut, that boldly chose bright yellow as their colors. Do you remember shopping at Edwards?

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I used to love shopping at the Edwards Market in Waterbury, I took the photo you see above shortly after I started working at Record Town on Wolcott Road in 1986. Edwards was located in the plaza directly across from the Naugatuck Valley Mall. We had Toys R Us, Edwards, Roy Rogers, Whitlock Auto Supply, and American Steak House as neighbors. Edward's was a massive grocery store, I became friends over time with quite a few of the employees.

Waterbury had two Pathmark supermarkets at the time, one was located in the Colonial Plaza(Currently Cherry Valley), and the other on Bank Street (Home Depot now), and my grandmother loved them. She made me take her every day to a local market, including the A&P on West Main, and Everybody's on South Main. My treat was shopping for myself at Edwards without my grandma. She hated driving anywhere near the Naugatuck Valley Mall, so it was my escape from coupon hell.

From what I can remember, the Edwards Markets across Connecticut all disappeared at once, in the early to mid 90's, and converted to Stop & Shop. The Naugatuck Valley Mall was demolished, and just recently, Stop & Shop made the move back into the space Shop Rite vacated last year.

Anyway, it's been decades, hope you enjoyed another look at that bright yellow building from the past.

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