The Oil Mill Apartments (Oil Mill Building) at 55 Oil Mill Road in Danbury is a Registered Historical Site for the city with an impressive structure in the back.

I took the above photos while visiting friends who live there -- we had wine and cheese that night (not bragging). I took the photos and left them in my phone. Today, I started looking around on the web to see what I could find. Here's what I have so far based on a 1982 application with National Register of Historic Places, which reads like a VCR manual:

  • The stack (pictured above) and the adjacent building were both part of the Robinson Fur Cutting Company. The company manufactured fur and felt that supplied many of the materials for Danbury's Hat making industry.
  • The building that served as the factory is now apartments and pretty nice ones I might add.

This is all I know at this point, because I am tired of looking for answers when I can just get them from all you fine folks.

The stack, to me, is the most impressive and I have to wonder two things: what exactly was its purpose as it relates to making fur and felt? I wonder this because I've never made either of those materials.

My second, and most burning question: is this the tallest structure in Danbury that's not a residential or commercial building? After standing next to it, my best guess would be that it is taller than the new/old Uncle Sam statue and the flag pole, but who's to say?

What do y'all know of it? GO!

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