So, Disney's live action version of Christopher Robin came out today. Now, I love Disney movies. I have four kids, so I really have no choice. Animated Disney movies are maybe the only true family friendly fun that is both family friendly and fun. However, live action Disney movies are not my thing.

I cannot get into them and about eighty percent of the time, the kids can't either. It takes away a certain part of the magic of the whole experience. Maybe it's something about the casting. Like Ewan McGregor is in this movie, playing Christopher Robin and I love me some Ewan. BUT when I see him, I see Obi-Wan Kenobi or a guy who played a heroin addict in Trainspotting.

The magic is lost, love Ewan, love Disney animation, Disney songs, Pooh, Christopher but these live action deals are all wrong. Now that my personal problems with EVERYTHING are out of the way here are my favorite Disney films of all time:

  • Little Mermaid
  • Peter Pan
  • Frozen
  • Sword & the Stone
  • Wall-E

There are so many, this is hard to do but that was off the top of my head.

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