After 17 years on Newtown's historic Main St., The Inn at Newtown closed its doors in January of 2016.

The 1850 landmark has been lying dormant for four years on Main St. in the center of Newtown's historic district. According to the website,  Newtown developer, Frank Caico would like to demolish the Inn to make room for 40 new apartments.

Personally, I have very fond memories of the upscale tavern called Proud Mary's that was attached downstairs to the Inn at Newtown. Proud Mary's had a large comfortable couch that faced a good-sized gas fireplace along with superb live music and a comfortable cocktail lounge vibe that appealed to an over 30 crowd.

Proud Mary's at The Inn at Newtown

My wife, Mindy and I loved Proud Mary's so much that we celebrated our 60th birthday parties at the tavern surrounded by some of our closest friends. Without sounding too corny it was a place where "everybody knew your name."

Celebrating Mindy's 60th Birthday at Proud Mary's

There's a lot of history associated with this historic building. It was the Victorian home of Newtown benefactor Mary Hawley. Before it was The Inn at Newtown, it was known as The Hawley Inn and Mary Hawley Manor. To dig deeper into this landmark on Main St. in Newtown, click on the website,