After 35 years lying dormant, what will workers discover as cleanup begins on Danbury's Hearthstone Castle?

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Over the last 35 years, trespassers have written graffiti on the stone bricks of the Hearthstone Castle and left garbage strewn all over the property of what used to be considered one of the 'Crown Jewels' of Danbury. Back in 2016, Danbury residents approved a $1.6 million loan to clean up the dilapidated property, which was built in 1897 and used as a summer home by renowned photographer, E. Starr Sanford.

In 1910, Charles Darling Parks bought the adjoining Tarrywhile Mansion and eight years later purchased the castle for his daughter, Irene Parks, who lived there until 1982. The City of Danbury acquired the property in 1985, where it has since deteriorated for the last 35 years.

Photo Credit - Urban Exploration YouTube Video...
Photo Credit - Urban Exploration YouTube Video...

According to an article on, since 1985, the roof has caved in, and the second floor has crumbled into the basement. In its heyday, Hearthstone Castle was the pride of Danbury as it looked over the city.

On July 13, cleanup began with the building of a new road, so a 150-foot crane could begin removing asbestos-containing rubble inside the castle. Once the debris has been removed, the city will need to assess the condition of the walls and foundation. The cleanup should be wrapped up by the end of August with the next phase scheduled for the spring of 2021.  Check out what Danbury's Hearthstone Castle looked like in April of 2016.


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