I've went to the Dew Drop Inn one time but I don't remember anything about it, except that I was there.

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The Dew Drop is located at 30 North Avenue in Derby, CT and they've have the prestige of being on the "must-try" wings list for Taste Connecticut on TikTok @tasteconnectiuct. Taste Connecticut has 116,000 followers and their TikTok videos, regularly get tens of thousands of viewers.

They have the must-try videos for categories like:

  • Bagels
  • Ice cream
  • Latin Delis
  • Polish donuts
  • Dumpling spots
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Empanadas
  • Date night spots
  • Barbecue

They also do a feature called "Hidden Gems," but the most impressive thing about the page is the coverage. Taste Connecticut hits all corners of the Nutmeg State. What is special about this ranking for the Dew Drop is that this is not a list of 20, or even 10, it's a list of 3 "must-try" wing spots. The other two were J. Timothy's Tavern in Plainville, CT and Archie Moore's with multiple locations throughout the state.

@tasteconnecticut Must try wing spots in #CT#ctfoodie #wings #planvillect #DerbyCT #branfordct #ct #connecticut #cteats #hartford #newhaven #fairfield #milfordct #yum ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

Hey Taste Connecticut, I'm a big fan but I need you to come to Danbury and try Pippa's wings if you haven't already. Pippa's is on South Street in Danbury and for my money, they are the best in the state.

P.S. - Remember how I said I'd been there before but don't remember it? That is a true and short story. I had a long month there, one night. Derby has a special place in my heart, my buddy Jimmy is from there and we were always bouncing around the Valley. Derby is also the place where I had one of my worst standup comedy sets and was nearly booed off the stage. Good times, good times.

Paranormal Experts Say Derby's Sterling Opera House is one of the Most Haunted Places in CT

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Inner Sanctum - Behind the Curtain on Danbury's Mysterious Free Masons

John Arizzi is the sitting Worshipful Master for Danbury’s Union Lodge #40 of the Ancient Free and accepted Masons. Arizzi described his role to me in layman’s terms, saying that in any other organization, he’d be called the President. This position is voted on every year by the group, and Arrizi has held the position multiple times. Arrizi was my tour guide into a world many people never see, the inner sanctum of Danbury's Free Masons. 

The Danbury Free Masons meet in a building at 337 Main Street. The building was originally the Meeker mansion. The Meekers were the prominent Danbury family who ran Meeker's Hardware. It's worth noting, that a separate Masonic Lodge is headquartered in the same building, Lodge 39. Lodge 39 is originally from Georgetown, CT but when their member numbers dwindled, they sold their building and moved to Danbury. 

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