Excavators have toppled the old Subway and Mother Earth Gallery in Brookfield.

The Brookfield Village Streetscape was way behind schedule due to months of deliberations and delays, but now it appears with the demolition of the old Subway and Mother Earth Gallery buildings, the project is back on track according to the ctinsider.com.

Subway and Mother Earth Gallery were originally scheduled for a tear-down in late May but the town and the developer had to pause to work out a new deal. What will Brookfield residents eventually see where those two buildings used to stand?

Project manager, Allan Rothman told ctinsider.com that two buildings will be built in their place containing 1,500 square feet of commercial space on the first floor and 40 upscale apartments on the second and third floors pending approval by the town.

Construction is scheduled for the spring of 2020 with a projected completion of the entire project by 2021. Plans are underway to secure a mix of restaurants, retail shops, and personal services. An upscale Asian restaurant has already signed a lease agreement along with an Italian restaurant and cafe.

Brookfield Village - Ethan Carey Photo
Brookfield Village - Ethan Carey Photo

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