Danbury Candidate for Mayor, Roberto Alves, released a statement on tonight's budget vote. In it, the Democrat criticizes past education budgets. Alves had this to say:

"The last decade of city budgets has shown us that the people at the top don't see education as a priority. And in those 10 years, our school system has been refused funding upwards of $45 million. This figure doesn't just represent a line item in the overall budget, it represents cuts to social workers, paraprofessionals, special education services, and cuts to classroom space. Our budget represents our values, and I don't believe this budget reflects the values, or the character, of our community.

We know that the key to a good education and a prosperous future starts with adequate funding. We also know that good schools pave the way for a vibrant local economy, good jobs, and higher property values. We've seen the ripple effects when we don't adequately fund our schools and local infrastructure. If Danbury wants to become a regional economic driver, we have to invest in our city, from our classrooms to our roads, from our bridges to our storm drains.

If these are the values of our leadership, we must not change our values, we must change our leadership."

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Roberto and local Democrats have been increasingly critical of Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo and his predecessor Mark Boughton. We will see what comes of tonight's vote and of course we will get reaction from Mayor Cavo next week on the Ethan and Lou Show.

Inside the Charming Russian Village in the Woods of Southbury

Every Tuesday you can hear "The Place You Live" on the Ethan and Lou Show featuring Mike Allen. Mike takes a deep dive into one local story each week and this week it was all about a Russian village in Connecticut. This week we learned that Southbury, CT is the home of a tiny Russian Village designed by some of Russia's most well respected writers.

Greater Danbury Bobcat Sightings, Too Close for Comfort

This morning (4/28/21) on the Ethan and Lou Show we were discussing a viral video from North Carolina. In it, a couple was brutally attacked by a rabid bobcat but according to USA Today, they are going to be OK. 

This sent me off on a tirade about bobcats because this happens to be one of my pet peeves. In the Greater-Danbury area, wildlife sightings are frequent and when one animal gets photographed, everyone piles on and says, yeah me too You saw a bear? I saw a bear! 

I made the case that too many people are claiming to have seen bobcats recently, and with no proof. I said, look I know they are prevalent but they can't be around in the numbers that people will have you believe. Every Frank and Fran in the area says they saw one yesterday. 

I said, if you saw a bobcat, prove it. It looks like I may have been underestimating the bobcats and the Ethan and Lou listeners because they did prove it and in a hurry. These are the Greater-Danbury Bobcat Sightings That are Too Close for Comfort. 

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