Who would abandon a good boy like this?

This is James, or Jimmy. His current foster mom can't decide which she likes better. She brought him into the station this morning and my heart just melted, especially after seeing his big smile and good nature.

Jimmy was found wandering the New Milford Green a few weeks ago after apparently being abandoned. His foster mom, Liz at Noble Pet Care, says that he's housebroken, neutered, has all his vaccines and is negative for heartworm. He's apparently deaf, but he's great with hand signals. He needs some dental work, which is being taken care of next week. He's about 10 years old and a little stiff in the knees, but healthy otherwise.

Liz says that he's good off leash and doesn't pill when he's on leash, loves to jump in the truck and go for rides, and is well behaved in a home with 6 cats.

If I didn't have an old brown dog of my own, I would have taken him home in a heartbeat. He's a very happy dog, despite his circumstances, and is one of those dogs you just love upon meeting. If you'd like to meet Jimmy and think you might be able to give him a good home, reach out to Liz at liz@noblepetcare.biz or contact New Milford Animal Welfare.

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