The Exit 14 area of I-84 in Southbury hasn't changed much over the past few decades, but some major changes are underway, and a spiffy new wrong-way driver warning system will be installed this week too.

I noticed that something was big was happening along Southbury's Main Street South this past Saturday night as I was getting off of I-84 West at Exit 14 - The ramp has been restricted down to one lane, and dozens and dozens of full-grown trees have recently been taken down. I was on my way to Southbury's new Sports bar Monty's to watch the UConn men blow away Alabama on their way to the championship game. A majority of the trees that were taken down stood between the DOT Commuter lot and the 84 West Exit 14 off-ramp. Don't worry though, it's only temporary, according to, the recent tree removals are part of a Connecticut DOT project designed to improve safety and traffic flow through the Main St. S/172/S. Britain Rd. intersection.

The better news? Over 30 new trees will be planted, and new turning lanes are coming for the bottom of the Exit 14 Westbound off-ramp, so hopefully the right turn lane to Main Street South will be a little longer than the current 3 car lengths.

Also, has reported that Connecticut DOT workers will be out tomorrow (Tuesday, April 9,2024) installing a wrong-way driver counter measure system on the Exit 14 Eastbound ramp at Exit 14. Motorists can expect lane closures on I-84 in the Exit 14 area during the course of the day, weather permitting.

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